Lamar Viking Tennis Booster Club

Tennis can be a very frustrating sport. There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it. You have to put in the hours because there is always something you can improve. Roger Federer

The Lamar Tennis Booster Club

2017-2018 Booster Club Officers

President, Pam Cooner:

VP/Vending Coordinator, Mohammed Mardani:

VP/Treasurer, Angela McKay

VP/Secretary, Lisa Wilson

VP/Banquet Coordinator, 

Concessions Coordinators, Guy and Lorre Scruggs:,



Level Name Player____

Court 1

  James Reynolds Noah Reynolds

Misty Ely Julian Benedit

Lisa & Andy Wilson Emily Wilson

Amanda Hagee       Andromeda Hagee


Center Court

  Angie & Mark Wilkerson       Clayton and Ulyana Wilkerson

Parisa & Mohammad Mardani Neeka Mardani

Randy & Stacy Mitchell Cambry Mitchell

Mollie Bryant Luke Anderson

Jamie Ragsdill Renee Ragsdill

Sandra Tumey Grant Tumey

Scott & Lisa Wilson Zackery Wilson

John and Maria Gardner Andy Gardner

Rich & Tammy Pesenko Natalie Pesenko

Bryan & Michelle Keathley Robert Keathley

Joe & Lori Stornello Anna Stornello

Viet & Ngan Dinh       Anh and Dan Dinh

Angeline Saw Sara Lim

Sheri Quigley Hunter Quigley

 Douglas & Angela McKay Jackson McKay

Scott & Pam Cooner Cameron Cooner

Rehan Shakoor Razan Shakoor

Debbie & David McWethy Gavin McWethy

Arvie & Stacy Womack Ryan Womack

Shandy Cornell Jayden Cornell

Erin Smith Max Smith

John & Laurie DiPalma John DiPalma


Cross Court

  Gretchen & Doug Hosea Jackson Hosea

Teresita Mutis Ashton Flasco

  John & Veronica Seidenstein           Elise Seidenstein


Championship Court

  Eunie Shin Hannah Lee

 Vipada Itthirojanakul       Aiyada Fukushima

Scott & Pam Cooner Braden Cooner

Rafael & Jennifer Omana Alejandro Omana

Guy & Lorre Scrugga Nikki Patrick



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 All Booster volunteers must submit an online application. Previously submitted paper applications will not be utilized. However, if you have recently submitted a copy of a government-issued photo ID, it will be saved and matched with your online application.


AISD Booster Club Guidelines- See Forms page


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