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I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play. ~ Boris Becker Losing is not my enemy . . . fear of losings is my enemy. ~ Rafael Nadal

Photo 2013-2014

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All-District Fall 2013
Varsity 2013-2014
Nathan Luong-Junior
Michael Coopman-Sophomore
Duy Tran-Junior
Dwayne Camacho-Junior
Danny Ortiz
Justin Sung-Senior
Connor McDonald-Sophomore
Jad Daouk-Senior
Nick Torres-Sophomore
Colin McDonald-Senior
Joann Yen-Senior
Steffi Song-Senior
Kim Pham-Junior
Michele Camacho-Sophomore
Hannah Sheng-Junior
Michelle Gu-Junior
Delayna Bradshaw-Junior
Anoosha Mardani-Sophomore
Mai Dinh-Junior
Michelle Torres-Junior
Boys Varsity 2013-2014 (Nick Torres, Duy Tran, Danny Ortiz, Nathan Luong, Jad Daouk, Justin Sung, Colin McDonald, Michael Coopman, Connor McDonald, Dwayne Camacho)
Girls Varsity 2013-2014 (Steffi Song,Kim Pham, Joann Yen, Hannah Sheng, Michelle Gu, Delayna Bradshaw, Mai Dinh, Michelle Torres, Anoosha Mardani, Mai Dinh)


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