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Tennis can be a very frustrating sport. There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it. You have to put in the hours because there is always something you can improve. Roger Federer

Photo 2013-2014

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All-District Fall 2013
Varsity 2013-2014
Nathan Luong-Junior
Michael Coopman-Sophomore
Duy Tran-Junior
Dwayne Camacho-Junior
Danny Ortiz
Justin Sung-Senior
Connor McDonald-Sophomore
Jad Daouk-Senior
Nick Torres-Sophomore
Colin McDonald-Senior
Joann Yen-Senior
Steffi Song-Senior
Kim Pham-Junior
Michele Camacho-Sophomore
Hannah Sheng-Junior
Michelle Gu-Junior
Delayna Bradshaw-Junior
Anoosha Mardani-Sophomore
Mai Dinh-Junior
Michelle Torres-Junior
Boys Varsity 2013-2014 (Nick Torres, Duy Tran, Danny Ortiz, Nathan Luong, Jad Daouk, Justin Sung, Colin McDonald, Michael Coopman, Connor McDonald, Dwayne Camacho)
Girls Varsity 2013-2014 (Steffi Song,Kim Pham, Joann Yen, Hannah Sheng, Michelle Gu, Delayna Bradshaw, Mai Dinh, Michelle Torres, Anoosha Mardani, Mai Dinh)


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